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    Farmhouse Kitchen: 14 Things to Know When Renovating

      When you purchase a home, it’s one of those things that you buy with the final product in mind. You don’t think about all the steps that it takes to get you to your dream farmhouse kitchen renovation just right or to get your perfect statement front porch. I want to share all the things I’ve learned with you so that you can know exactly what it looks like going in and taking on the project of renovating your own home with confidence. Everyone loves the idea of having the exact house that they’ve always dreamed of right? Yeah, obviously. Less people are actually interested in a full home…

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    Tiktok: How to Create a Compelling Video for Your Business

    So you’ve got your TikTok account. Your friends and family followed you, you might have gotten a bit of traction from something that randomly went viral… but how do you see consistent growth? How do you get people who aren’t following you to pay attention? How do you get on everyone’s FYP? Quality content. You have to make your videos as compelling as possible to compete with all the creators out there in your niche.  And if you’re an influencer, tiktok can be a huge asset because you can land larger and larger brand deals. You can capitalize on cross platform promotions and sponsorships to get bigger brand budgets! If…

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    How to Organize Clothes for a Picky Toddler

    We have officially entered the 3 going on 13 stage of toddler-hood and this little girl absolutely loves clothes! She loves shopping for them, picking them out, making outfits, changing outfits, re-changing outfits, and of course dressing like a princess. What she really wants is real make up and nail polish, but I said no on those, so we compromised on always letting her pick out her own clothes. This only became a problem when she started coming down the stairs in absolutely insane outfits that she knew didn’t match, but she wasn’t sure why they didn’t go together. So we made a plan! And it has really been working…

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    Travel Tips with Kids

    Picture this. You roll up to the airport after the most bonkers morning packing everything into the car, and you’re THOSE people unloading their entire life’s belongings onto the luggage cart. One kid crying, one running around like a maniac, husband looks like a pack mule. And here we are. Traveling with kids. Let’s NOT let this be you when you travel with your littles.

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    How to Find & Meet Motivation Half Way

    Hi, my name is Motivation, nice to meet you! Todays blog is all about teaching you how to GET IT GIRL or at least sharing what works for me! So many times my fellow bloggers/retailers and I share share successes and struggles with each other and push each other by saying “GET IT GIRL” and that is a lovely sentiment, but what can you do when you’re not feeling it? What can you do when you’re “getting” absolutely nothing out of the work you’re putting in?  Let me start by giving you a quote that sticks with me like glue on days I’m not feeling it. “You won’t become successful…

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    How to De-Clutter Your Closet for Spring

    As some of you know, we’re in a crazy leeway time here at the Entsminger house. We were told just before our lease ended (and we planned to renew) that we would have to move because the owners were moving back. SO here begins our story. We went house hunting, by the grace of God found an amazing place that we actually paid below asking on (which never happens in San Diego) and now here we are. We are adding a bedroom, doing yard work, getting the house in order and both somehow making our businesses work in the midst of it all. Craziness I say! This has left our…