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How to Find & Meet Motivation Half Way

Hi, my name is Motivation, nice to meet you! Todays blog is all about teaching you how to GET IT GIRL or at least sharing what works for me! So many times my fellow bloggers/retailers and I share share successes and struggles with each other and push each other by saying “GET IT GIRL” and that is a lovely sentiment, but what can you do when you’re not feeling it? What can you do when you’re “getting” absolutely nothing out of the work you’re putting in? 

how to find motivation

Let me start by giving you a quote that sticks with me like glue on days I’m not feeling it. “You won’t become successful with the things you do sometimes. You’ll become successful with the things you do consistently.” 

Consistency is KEY.

Even on the days I don’t feel like it, I get up, make my morning coffee so I can have my peaceful space, I make my instagram post, plan my morning Facebook post, and pin at least 5 pins on Pinterest (more talk about this strategy another time). 

how to find motivation

Talk it out with a friend.

Have someone you can vent and rant to and then move on. I find that getting those negative thoughts out is so important. It’s like a weight is lifted once I get the bad thoughts and feelings out. But it’s also so important finding the right person to vent to. You want someone who will let you vent and then encourage you to move on and continue chasing your goals, not someone who just wants to commiserate in negativity. 

Surround yourself with positivity.

Cut out the toxicity. This is a no brainer, but it’s hard to do. Whatever reason you’re clinging onto that negative relationship, let it go. You will feel much better when you do, I promise. 

how to find motivation

Make a list!

I’m all about lists. I just make them in my Notes app in my phone and check them off there. I find that I’d I don’t make a list, I don’t get much done because I’m so unorganized. Write down your top three non-negotiables for the day. Things that absolutely must get done every single day. Start with those every day. This will help you get into the habit of doing these things and they honestly become like second nature. For example, this is what I do with instagram. When I’m nursing baby boy at night before bed, I write up my Instagram post for the next morning. Then I post when I do our early morning feeding. It was annoying at first, to be honest, but now it’s just second nature that this is what I do during this time. Create that habit for yourself. 

Have a reset day.

Don’t do ANYTHING related to your goals. Just relax, do nothing, binge Netflix, take a bath, have a glass of wine and reset your brain. I like to do this about every 2-4 weeks depending on how I’m feeling. 

Listen to some music, a podcast, someone who inspires you, read some scriptures, whatever it is that pumps you up! Get in the zone and get it done.

how to find motivation

Motivation isn’t always there. But it will find you. You have to meet it half way. You have to do your part. 

Now go out there and GET IT GIRL! 💗

Xoxo, Kait 

how to find motivation


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