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I am pictured here with the EMF harmonizer called the Medic Green Ultra which they replaced with the Vedic. It harmonizes our bodies against 3 4 and 5G, EMF, free radicals and more and therefore gives you many physical health benefits. Think of a full body antioxidant for all types of radiation. Use KAIT10 to get a discount at checkout! Read my post here.

Perfect Supplements

Frustrated by the clarity, ingredient lists and unknown origins of many supplements, I was inspired by Perfect Supplements’ commitment to quality and transparency. My favorite products from them are Beef Liver Capsules, Bone Broth Powder (great for prepping), Powdered Collagen and Acerola (vitamin c) Powder. Use my code KAIT10 for 10% off which is stackable with their “Buy 3 get 20% off” code! Get those savings girl! 


I love the Morning and Evening Magnesium from Smidge!  favorites are the digestive enzymes, infant probiotic and oysterzinc. This is another great brand you can trust the quality and integrity. They do all small batch products, so things are sometimes sold out. Use code KAIT10 for 10% off here!

I recommend their magnesiums in this post about Pregnancy Supplement Must-Haves.

Seeking Health NAC

While Seeking Health has lots of other amazing supplements, this is where I get my NAC. NAC became hard to get when they discovered it as a preventer and a potential cure for the virus going around. This supplement is a game changer! I also take their Adrenal Complex and Glutathione. My code changes every month: KAITJAN23, KAITFEB23, KAITMAR23: you get the drift. Use my code for 10% off here.

Young Living Essential Oils

If you’re wondering why your essential oils from target didn’t work, look no further. The quality, potency and third party testing done by YL is unmatched. I use them for everything from coping with anxiety to soothing baby’s teething and more. Choose essential oils and a diffuser rather than polluting your home with toxic candles. I filled a cart with my favorites here. Take what you want, delete the rest or shop around for more!

ProOne Water Filter

21,000,000 Americans drink water that violates U.S. health standards. How safe is your water? Berkey water filter systems are actually water purifiers because they remove bacteria and viruses that conventional filters cannot. Get safer water by using my code here!

LiketoKnowit or LTK

There is a completely separate app where you can follow me and shop my choices from other retailers. I compile items by category, share my favorites and link thinks from across brands. Follow me in the app here or ask for a link to something specific and I can help you!

Pain Free Birth Course

This course is absolutely priceless! I made it through three unmedicated births (one at home) with the help of this course. Physiological birth is what your body is designed to do. Learn how to partner WITH your body, rather than fighting AGAINST it in this e-course. 

She also has a brilliant Postpartum course that is necessary for all the things you didn’t know were a part of birthing a human. Many Mom’s spend most of their time preparing for birth, but fail to prepare for postpartum, only to regret it later.