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Take Your Tea Time to the Next Level: Tea Accessories for the New Tea Drinker

Transform your teatime with these must-have tea accessories that make every sip count.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding moments of tranquility and self-care can come few and far between. But we’re healing mamas, so we’ve vowed to ourselves to be intentional about our health. Despite all of the mess, it’s important to savor the small moments of joy and peace & really help our nervous systems regulate. What better way to slow down for a minute than a relaxing cup of tea? Not to mention all the amazing health benefits tea has! Having the right tools can significantly enhance your daily ritual. In this guide, I’ve curated a list of tea accessories to help make your next cup of tea amazing.

Temperature Controlled Kettle

Say goodbye to bitter tea by investing in a kettle with temperature control. This essential tool unlocks the full flavor potential of your tea leaves, making sure that your water reaches the perfect temperature for brewing. The teapot’s ability to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the brewing process contributes to a more efficient extraction of tea compounds, resulting in a richer and more satisfying drink. Plus this helps release the health benefits of the tea at its absolute best! If you’re just starting to think about drinking tea for the health benefits, I can’t recommend this book enough: Cancer Hates Tea by Maria Uspenski

Not Your Typical Teapot

Now let’s talk about cute tea accessories that make your tea drinking experience even more fun! A stylish teapot adds a touch of sophistication to your tea table, doubling as a piece of cute home decor. This aesthetic addition adds a touch of elegance to your tea-drinking experience. Obviously when we look better, we feel better. There’s just something about a cute tea kettle on the stove that feels cozy, especially during the cold months.


Ready to brew loose-leaf tea without the mess? Invest in a good tea infuser to keep your tea leaves contained and your cup free from debris. Some infusers even come with compartments for herbs and spices, enabling you to create personalized blends for an extra health boost. Infusers are more convenient for teas that require a longer steeping time. I personally like to have hot tea on demand but brew cold teas overnight making them more potent. I use the tea infuser for my on demand teas!

Necessary Tea Accessories Strainers

Based on your budget and personal tastes, strainers offer a great alternative to infusers. These simple tools help separate the tea leaves from the liquid, preventing unwanted particles in your tea and providing a smoother, more enjoyable drink. Strainers are more convenient for teas that require a shorter steeping time.


Useful tea accessories for the win – unlike traditional methods of tea preparation, a frother creates a beautifully smooth and creamy texture. You can enjoy herbal and matcha teas without the need for added sweeteners or creams by using a frother. A good fritter can also be used if you’re mixing in sweetener, collagen powder, an egg yolk or other additives into your tea!

Simple Sweeteners

Opt for organic sweeteners like honey or agave to add sweetness without compromising on health. Keep it simple and let the natural flavors of your tea shine through. Adding honey to your tea can offer numerous health benefits too, especially local honey! Rich in antioxidants, honey helps combat oxidative stress and inflammation, potentially reducing the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer. Its antimicrobial properties make it effective in soothing sore throats and aiding digestion, while also boosting immunity. The natural sugars in honey provide a quick energy boost, making it a beneficial pre- or post-workout option, plus it’s delicious. Additionally, honey’s wound-healing properties have been recognized for centuries, both when applied topically and consumed. While honey should be consumed in moderation due to its high sugar content, its potential health benefits make it a valuable addition to your tea drinking routine.

Tea Timer: Never Oversteep Again

Avoid the risk of oversteeping your tea by using a simple tea timer. You might get distracted by your phone, but a physical kitchen timer will always catch your attention. Plus, many tea timers have different settings for specific teas.

Airtight Tea Tins

Ideal for storing loose tea leaves, these airtight containers help maintain freshness and prevent exposure to light and moisture. This is one of the best ways to preserve the flavor and aroma of any tea.

Insulated Drinkware

Insulated cups help keep your tea hot or cold for an extended period, allowing you to savor the flavors and health benefits without rushing through your tea-drinking ritual. Double-walled versions are going to give you the most bang for your buck.

Tea Trays

Tea trays, often made of bamboo or other materials, are designed to catch spills and drips during tea preparation, so you’re not adding to the mess. These are a great way make sure everything has a place!

Incorporating these essential accessories into your tea-drinking ritual is a great way to help yourself relax. Whether you’re a seasoned tea enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of tea, the right tools can make all the difference. Thirsty for more? You can read about the benefits of homemade dandelion tea and even use my recipe! I encourage you to think about adding a cup of tea into your daily routine – your body and mind deserve it.

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