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    Take Your Tea Time to the Next Level: Tea Accessories for the New Tea Drinker

    Transform your teatime with these must-have tea accessories that make every sip count. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding moments of tranquility and self-care can come few and far between. But we’re healing mamas, so we’ve vowed to ourselves to be intentional about our health. Despite all of the mess, it’s important to savor the small moments of joy and peace & really help our nervous systems regulate. What better way to slow down for a minute than a relaxing cup of tea? Not to mention all the amazing health benefits tea has! Having the right tools can significantly enhance your daily ritual. In this guide, I’ve…

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    Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

    Father’s Day is notoriously a hard holiday to buy for because most dads really have everything they want. Some dads are hard to shop for, some have everything, some are tech savvy, some aren’t tech savvy, some like funny gift ideas and some don’t. It all starts to get overwhelming when you start looking at gifts, so that’s why I put together these gift guides for all kinds of things for all kinds of dads. Take the personality of your dad and find the perfect gift for Father’s Day on this list. Everything linked here is from Amazon, so it’ll all be here in time! Is your dad tech savvy?…

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    Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    I’m sharing some of my favorite gifts for mom that I’ve compiled, ranging from $20-80. You could always send flowers, but how about something that won’t wilt and die this year? Ok that sounded morbid and I guarantee she’d love flowers, but why not change it up!