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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re like me, you always forget. Even now that I’m a mom, I still always forget haha. It’s just one of those days that doesn’t get enough attention so it’s not on the forefront of the brain. I WILL say that I wish it was on the forefront of my brain because all the moms deserve all the credit and to be showered with all the gifts. Seriously. Momming is hard. It is fun. It is exhausting. But it is so worth it. Especially when Mother’s Day rolls around lol (kidding)

I’m sharing some of my favorite gifts for mom that I’ve compiled, ranging from $20-80. You could always send flowers, but how about something that won’t wilt and die this year? Ok that sounded morbid and I guarantee she’d love flowers, but why not change it up!

First is this stacked ring set. I love the hammered metal look and the mix of metals used. Plus they’re dainty and can be worn all the time, not like a statement piece.

As a mom, a personalized piece is what I always like. This engrave-able bracelet is so simple and beautiful. You could put a sweet message or even her name or you and your siblings names on it. This website does free engravings on most items too, so definitely worth checking out. The monogram necklace came from the same website. So cute!

Perfume is always a very personal gift, something you get someone you’re close to, so your mom is perfect. I mean you’re not going to buy your neighbor perfume as a house warming gift lol


Above are kind of traditional Mother’s Day gifts, but I also wanted to share some outside the box ideas.

Is your momma a coffee drinker? If so, this cute French press starter kit would be a great gift. Comes with some yummy coffee too! Or if you don’t need the French press, there are also lots of coffee related gift ideas on that website.

House wares is one of those things that, unless you just got married or moved into a new place, you never buy them for yourself! I know this and I’ve only been married 5 years. While my kitchen utensils and cutting boards aren’t wearing out just yet, I can promise you that I’d appreciate a new one and I know your momma would too. I shared these cute flower salad mixing/serving spoons here and included a cozy blanket too. Don’t we all just want to be cozy!?

Candle linked here, but it’s really just to serve as an idea for you.

And these cute graphic plates that say “I whale always love you” are just too cute.


Now go out and shop for your momma and let’s make Mother’s Day a big deal for her this year! I promise she will feel more loved than ever!



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