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Comfort in the Now & Hope in the Future


Okay, so I write this 5 months ago when I was freshly postpartum with high hormones and really not feeling good. I intentionally wrote this and didn’t share it right then so that you can see that everyone struggles. Even I struggle. I wanted to share my thoughts then and now with you. So read on to read what I wish WASN’T true but totally is true about postpartum.

I’m going to sound like I’m complaining right now, but just keep reading. Also, I promise it has a good ending. Let’s be honest, mom life is not easy. No one ever said it would be though. Everyone said it would be hard, but when you’re looking at it from the outside, you can never imagine how hard it is. This is not to discourage anyone, but it’s more to say “I see you” and “I identify with you.”

You are tired. You are lonely. You are happy. You are chaotic. You are in love with your tiny human. You are out of shape. You aren’t eating as healthy as you want to. You’re trying to be in shape. You’re trying to be healthy. You are scared to go out in public with your kids for whatever reason. Let me tell you, you are not alone. We are all feeling the same things to some extent. Today may to be your “sad & tired” day, but it also may be your “happy & chaotic day.” And tomorrow will probably be different. This is an emotional ride y’all.


I have to tell you that being a mom is the absolute best and most emotional thing I’ve ever been through. Truly, it is a roller coaster. Trying to get things done around the house and for my business AND for my blog and social media is just insane. Plus spending and enjoying time with my kids. How is this possible? But it is possible I promise.

There are things that I let go every day and I weigh my priorities every day, but it all gets done eventually. I used to be the one with the check list, I was up and worked out and had my coffee and breakfast by 8am. That was me. Now I’m sleeping if my kids are sleeping because I’m so tired that every minute of sleep counts. I’m working during nap time if I’m not sleeping. Workouts look different too. I am unable to go to the gym like I want to. My workouts look a little different. They take place in my living room with my baby on the mat next to me and receiving dog kisses the whole time AND a toddler “working out” next to me. But this works for me right now. This is where I am. And I’m enjoying it. I’m actually loving it.

So here is the bit of encouragement that you need for the day. You CAN get through this. We are mothers and we are bada** mothers who can do it all and enjoy our lives too! So take your 30 min to yourself to center yourself, boost your mood, change your attitude and watch how that attitude shift can change everyone else’s attitude for the day!

^^Thats what I wrote almost 6 months ago now and I feel so proud of myself for getting through that insane postpartum season. Not that I’m not still hormonal now, but now I’ve got a grip on my reality and I am enjoying every day of my crazy chaotic life. I hope you can do the same. Did you identify with any of this? Know that I’m always here for you!




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