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Meet Kait

As a blogger & content creator since 2014, Kait has worked with amazing brands such as Target, Walmart, CVS, Barbie, Harmony CBD & more. While she started out as a blogger & Instagrammer, her background is in Marketing & Psychology. Because of this, she has  developed a successful Done For You (DFY) Social Media Marketing sub-brand that has seen unparalleled success for her clients.

Creating and curating content. Having an eye for aesthetics & quality. Open communication & relationship development are all at the forefront of her brand values. 

Learn from her experience and expertise by scheduling a one-time consulting call or hiring her as a 1:1 Social Media and Strategy Coach. A great Coach is a great leader & leadership is one of her passions. 

“Multi-passionate & multi-talented. I’m so glad I chose to learn from Kait early on when I wanted to become an influencer. Her advice has been invaluable!”

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