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    Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    I’m sharing some of my favorite gifts for mom that I’ve compiled, ranging from $20-80. You could always send flowers, but how about something that won’t wilt and die this year? Ok that sounded morbid and I guarantee she’d love flowers, but why not change it up!

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    How to Find & Meet Motivation Half Way

    Hi, my name is Motivation, nice to meet you! Todays blog is all about teaching you how to GET IT GIRL or at least sharing what works for me! So many times my fellow bloggers/retailers and I share share successes and struggles with each other and push each other by saying “GET IT GIRL” and that is a lovely sentiment, but what can you do when you’re not feeling it? What can you do when you’re “getting” absolutely nothing out of the work you’re putting in?  Let me start by giving you a quote that sticks with me like glue on days I’m not feeling it. “You won’t become successful…