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Why Am I Blogging? The Motivation You Need to Start Something New

  • Why blogging? Why start a blog now?

If you know me personally, you may be thinking “how on earth can she do one more thing”? And if you don’t know me personally, well, I am very busy, but honestly who’s not? When you’re passionate about something, it just doesn’t really matter what else is going on. This has been brewing in the back of my mind for a while and I knew I needed to make moves.

I’ve share these particular photos on this post because these are from our second anniversary shoot and we had just found out that we were pregnant with Evie. This was right around when it stopped being about me and started being about her. Little did I know, 9 months later, it would somehow be even MORE about her and less about me. Which is exactly how it should be, don’t get me wrong at all here. I love this little girl more than anything in the world and if you have kids you know exactly what I mean. There is just something that shifts in your brain where you don’t do as much for yourself and eventually don’t do anything for yourself. Well that stops now. Read on to see what I mean.

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There are seasons of life when we sometimes feel a little lost, not sure what we should be doing, what our calling is. Those are the times when we need to dig in and make things happen. Because guess what, even if you’re not sure what to do and you start pushing toward a goal, you’ll start to feel inspired. And even if your end goal changes three or more different times, that’s okay because this is your life to take charge of!

I feel called to encourage other ladies, and specifically moms.

I have always been an encourager at heart. There are way too many mean people in this world; we don’t need any more of that. We need more positivity and encouragement! I read this quote today that a friend posted and it basically punched me in my mother loving soul. How powerful is this quote!? If this hits home with you at all, jump on it. Get to work. Start something new. Whatever it is, have faith and step out. Do what you are called to do.

Ok, back down off my soap box.


boho chic maliby mountains wedding

Expand the positivity as far as it can go!

I have an amazing positive community of LuLaRoe lovers in my LLR shopping group, but I want to extend that community way beyond just LuLaRoe lovers. I want to include EVERYONE! All ladies, all moms, all wives. This blog is 100% for YOU.

This blog is to encourage moms and women in general, basically saying, “you’re not alone.” You’re looking for the perfect skin care products that will make you glow so you don’t have to apply 30 minutes of make up every day. I mean, who has that time. Or you’re looking for fun ways to style your pieces that you already have so you don’t have to load up the car full of kids plus their weight in snacks and go shopping. Or maybe you need a new piece, but you want to buy it online so you don’t have to do what I just said. I’m here for that too! This blog is for Y.O.U.

boho chic maliby mountains wedding

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it so many times again because it’s so true. As moms, we sometimes lose ourselves in giving 100% to our kids, to our homes, to our husbands, to our jobs (or any combination of those things.) We just need a minute to decompress, buy something for us, paint your nails, whatever it is that makes you feel good. I know for me, if I have a spare 15 minutes, I love to sit down after the baby is asleep and paint my nails. It just makes me feel good all week having fresh nails.

So that’s my why. My why is to have something just for ME and to make something to spread encouragement just for YOU. I hope you ladies can find something to inspire you on my blog. Subscribe so you can see me in your inbox!



  • Caitlin Kantz

    This hit me…I am definitely one to give all of my time and attention to Melanie, my husband, work, and the house. I need to remember to take time to do things for myself, even if it is something small each day. Thanks for the reminder. 💛

    • Kait Entsminger

      Girl. We need this reminder every single day because it’s so easy to get wrapped up in baby, and rightly so, but take a minute for you! I actually am starting to get back to working out too, taking that as 15-30 min for myself a day.

  • Jan Hammond

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ your blog. I’m a mom of 3 grown daughers. Each of my daughters have 2 children, so that makes me a Mimi with 6 grands. I love being a mom, mother-in-law and a Mimi and wouldn’t change any of it. I’ve been a widow for 4 years and getting I’m getting re-married on March 10th. Oh and I will be 65 in July. I have had so much fun wearing my Lularoe!!!!! The clothes make me feel carefree, stylish, and yes somewhat younger!!!!! I plan on wearing one of my Lula Elegants to get married in next weekend!!🦄👗💞

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