Three Essential Pieces for an Easy Mix & Match Wardrobe

Let’s be honest, who in here still has clothes in their closet from high school? And how many years ago was high school? 5? 10? 15+? Yeah, me too. Let’s use some of those old staple pieces and mix in some new beauties. My goal is to help you create the perfect wardrobe that can be mixed and matched to make lots and LOTS of outfits. It will never look like you’re wearing the same thing, but instead putting a spin on an old piece or two.

There are three things that you’re going to need to get your mix & match wardrobe on.

essentials for an easy mix and match wardrobe
  • A good pair of jeans.

Jeans shopping is maybe one of the worst thing for women. Its so hard to find something that fits correctly, and when you do, they cost you an arm and leg. Here are my tips for picking out the perfect pair of jeans. You need patience and you need $100. Not to say you’re going to spend all of that, but you need to prepare yourself to spend more than $20 on a good pair of jeans. Maybe you only end up spending $30 or $50, but going in with the mindset that you’re going to splurge on yourself will help here.

Let’s talk patience. This is something I don’t have. I’m woman enough to admit it. Going into Forever 21 gives me an absolute panic attack because nothing is organized, everything is hanging half way off the hangers and if you’re looking for jeans, you have to look through to whole entire store to make sure you see what’s available. This is where patience comes in. If you’re looking for cheap jeans, this is the place to go. If you need a little more organization during your shopping experience, you want to go to a place that’s a little more organized and where someone can help you. Express or Abercrombie. Trust me, they have good jeans and you can usually find a good deal. And someone can give you some help!

As soon as you have that good pair of jeans, you’ll be good to go to for a long time with that pair (or two)!

three essential pieces for an easy mix and match wardrobe
  • A couple of fun patterned tees

If we all wore all solids, it would be so boring! Bring in some fun patterns that express your personality and your taste. Whether its a stripe, a floral, whatever!

three essential pieces for an easy mix and match wardrobe
  • A solid layering piece

There seldom is a day when I’m not wearing a solid piece of clothing. Solids can tone down a crazy pattern or accent a pop of color in your chosen pattern. Choose something that you wear a lot of! If you wear a lot of patterns that have red, choose a red sweater, etc. Seems pretty self explanatory, but you actually need to go look in your closet and see what you have.

It’s funny how we see ourselves and then what we actually wear. I used to think I always wore bright clothes, lots of fun patterns etc. Well, when I actually looked at my wardrobe, I have a lot of black and white stripes, lots of army green and burgundy, and white. So totally not how I THOUGHT I dressed, but apparently, I am a much darker soul than I previously suspected haha.

Take a look through your closet and find out what is missing. Do you need a colorful vneck or a floral button down? Do you need a black cardigan? Or a red duster cardigan? Whatever it is, know you’re going to get a ton of use out of it!


three essential pieces for an easy mix and match wardrobe


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