How to De-Clutter Your Closet for Spring

As some of you know, we’re in a crazy leeway time here at the Entsminger house. We were told just before our lease ended (and we planned to renew) that we would have to move because the owners were moving back. SO here begins our story. We went house hunting, by the grace of God found an amazing place that we actually paid below asking on (which never happens in San Diego) and now here we are. We are adding a bedroom, doing yard work, getting the house in order and both somehow making our businesses work in the midst of it all.

Craziness I say!

This has left our house in way more disarray than usual and I’m just about done with it! The underlying cause is that we have TOO MANY clothes! I’m telling you. This room has so many clothes that we haven’t worn in forever. And it is purge time.

Believe it or not, we purged about three or four bags full before we moved, but we have more. And we’re not moving our stuff into this gorgeous, amazing new bedroom just for it to all be unorganized and more craziness.

Here comes the purge! These things have worked for me time and time again and I think they’ll work for you too.


Start with stuff that doesn’t fit.

“Uh, Kait, this couldn’t be more obvious.” Ok, ok. I get that it sounds super simple, but how many of us have stuff sitting in our closets that just doesn’t fit right? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Are you constantly pulling it up in the front or down in the back, etc? This is what I mean. If it doesn’t fit you, get rid of it. You won’t wear it if you’re uncomfortable in it.

Also, if it doesn’t FIT you, get rid of it. “You just said that.” No, I mean, fit your personality. If it’s something that your mom bought you with good intentions and you feel bad getting rid of it, thinking you’ll wear it one day, get rid of it. You won’t wear it. You think you might just so she can see it on you, but I promise you won’t. It’s not you, doesn’t fit your personality, doesn’t FIT you.

The hanger trick

This is probably something you’ve heard a hundred times, but it is the trick that gets rid of the most clothes for me. Sometimes a scary amount honestly. Today go into your closet and turn all of your hangers backwards. When you wear something, turn that hanger right side out when you rehang it. That shows you that you wore it. Then set a certain amount of time (usually a year to hit all the seasons) and get rid of everything that doesn’t have the hanger turned.

If you’re like me, this will make you want to wear everything. I like challenge myself to wear everything. But then comes in the “it doesn’t fit” thing. As hard as I may try, some things just aren’t me or are too old and not my style anymore, and I don’t end up wearing them. I got rid of over half of my closet this way one year. INSANE. Talk about a crazy feeling, getting rid of half of your closet. But what’s the point in keeping it if it’s not you?

Does it still have tags on?

If it still has tags on, ask yourself when you bought it? Where you got it? Was it a gift (refer to point two above)? If it’s been more than a month or two and you haven’t worn it, consider gifting it to someone you know will love it “just because.” No it’s not tacky to give a friend something you haven’t worn. Guarantee they’ll love you for it! And it could be exactly their style.

Do you have anything to wear it with?

I find that sometimes I have a skirt or a top that has a pattern on it that I just can’t match. If it’s just sitting there because you don’t have a matching piece, get rid of it.

I always think “maybe I’ll come up with something or some creative way to make this work” and I never do. The moral of the story is WE ARE LAZY and we don’t need something that we have to hunt for things that go with it. That’s too much work and we ain’t got time for that.

Going forward

I, myself, won’t buy anything that doesn’t go with something I already have OR can’t be worn on its own. Like a dress, that can be worn on its own. A skirt with a crazy pattern with off white in it? I know I don’t have an off white top or shoes to go with it. I won’t buy it. Purging your clothes also helps you be more aware of what you have and helps you prevent buying things that you won’t wear anyway.

ALWAYS always try things on. Whether you have a favorite fashion blogger who can tell you about sizing herself or you’re shopping at the mall. You need to know that something will fit. Or else you’ll be coming full circle and tossing it next year.


I hope you try some of these tips and report back! In a few days, I’ll be sharing what we did with all the clothes we got rid of, so stay tuned.

Hope you have an amazing weekend babes!



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