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5 Easy Ways to Style a Tshirt to Stay on Trend

On our way to a woman’s favorite stomping grounds, where else but Target, running late, hair’s in a messy bun and you haven’t worn make up in days. Throw on some mascara, your favorite pair of jeans and a classic tshirt and boom, you’re done! This is one of my go-to outfits for daily wear and it is so easy. In this blog post, I’m going to show you 5 ways to style a tshirt for women so you can look effortlessly put together any time.

Grab my favorite basic white tee here!

Tuck the tail in.

This is my go-to because it doesn’t require accessories and it doesn’t require any thought. It adds shape and character to your look. If your tee is a little oversized, this also fulfills both of the proportions that we need in every outfit. Something tight and something loose. Your jeans provide shape to your body and tucking the front tail in just to the right of your button gives the flow, but keeps it flattering!

I recommend tucking on the right or left side, right between your front button and the start of your pocket. It’s the most flattering placement in my opinion. 

Tuck it in completely.

Worn with jeans or a cute skirt, this look can be so flirty. Super trendy right now and flatters those who are looking to add some shape. If you’ve got hips that don’t lie and a tighter shirt, this would be great on you! Or if you are thin as a rail and can’t gain weight after breastfeeding your little one for over a year (like me) and you’re begging for some shape, this is the look for you!  Roll the sleeves for a sporty look

Roll the sleeves for a sporty look.

I love this look! It’s one of my favorite ways to totally dress down an outfit and add character. I even do it with my dresses sometimes. Add a pair of chucks and a high ponytail and you’re a sporty dream

Tie it up.

Are you wearing hubs tshirt out of the house again like I am? Yeah? Well this tip is for you! An oversized tied up tee with jeans is fashion’s version of shabby chic. The tie gives character and the hubs tshirt, well, we know what that gives. Pure comfort.

Add a necklace.

Wearing the shirt you slept in? The “I woke up like this” phrase has never been more true. Let’s be honest, sometimes I wear hubs shirt two days in a row (gasp!!). So today I’m changing up the look with some small layered necklaces or you can even wear a big chunky necklace with it for a pop of color.

Mix and match any of these tips, roll the sleeves AND tie it up, until you find the best look for you. And change it up! This is the perfect way to change up your look every single day. Which tip is your go-to? Try these out and let me know!



  • Eleanor-Gray

    Where are your jeans from! Been looking for lighter jeans for a while — my go to has been super dark shade since that seems to make my big booty look slimmer but been really wanting a ripped lighter shade for more “casual” outfits!

  • Katy Eagles

    I love these tips! They’re so simple, yet so brilliant! I’m loving your blog, by the way. So proud of you 🙂