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Living Room Decor Ideas: How to Create a Masculine Industrial Vibe

modern farmhouse midcetury modern home decor

This space is like my sacred space and I looked through so many living room decor ideas to get here. I don’t mean that in the way that most would take it – that it’s always clean or it’s pristine or it’s always peaceful. I mean that this is where my life happens. The living room is where we spend most of our time, so it’s almost always a little messy. There are dishes on the coffee table, there are graham cracker crumbs on the floor.

Our Couch Choice

But we didn’t let that keep us from decorating it exactly like we wanted to. Now let’s be honest, we all love a good white couch, but that is NOT what we chose for this space for a million reasons, most of which have tiny toddler feet or four paws. After looking at so many living room decor ideas, we opted for the comfy super deep Restoration Hardware style real leather couches. The more wear they get, the better they look. Scratches and scrapes just rub right out of them.

The love seat of the set holds a lot of sentimental value because this is what we started with in our first apartment together – our first step to the farmhouse living room we have today. It was expensive, I mean really expensive on a one salary couple just starting out, but we knew we would have it forever so we wanted quality. Stupid purchase? Maybe. But we loved it and it was our pride and joy (haha seems silly to say of a couch). This couch kind of set the tone for our future decor. We now have the full sized couch to complete the set and have worked our whole living room around them.

Branded Living Room Decor Ideas

My style is Restoration Hardware meets West Elm. Very cozy and deep rich tones mixed with midcentury modern pieces. For me it’s all about a balance of deep and cozy and crisp and clean. I love both elements and the two pair so well together. They mix perfectly to make my living space me.

I have linked some of these living room decor ideas with pricing in the carousel below. I have shared a high end and low end option for some items, so this style can work in any budget!

Can you believe this was the first house we actually owned together? Check out how our style has evolved into a minimal farmhouse vibe!

modern farmhouse midcetury modern home decor

Exploring different living room decor ideas can be so fun and it’s all about finding your own style. Look for inspiration everywhere. Are you inspired by the clean cozy vibes in my farmhouse living room? Or maybe you like a brighter, more colorful feel? More farmhouse? Pinterest can be a huge help at finding your home vibes. You can follow me on Pinterest here for inspiration!

I hope you loved my living room tour. Please let me know if I can help you find anything that I didn’t link here.

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