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Minimal Farmhouse Decor For Every Room of the House

Decorating your home is all about embracing you and your family’s personal style. I like to define my home decor style as Restoration Hardware meets West Elm. Whether you’re just rearranging and redesigning, starting from scratch, or completely renovating your home, there’s nothing more on-trend right now than the minimal farmhouse aesthetic. This look is completely achievable on any budget, so be fooled into thinking you can’t afford the farmhouse decor of your dreams! Like me when I started out on my farmhouse renovation, you must have a million questions. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to minimal farmhouse home decor!

Our Story

We have lived in 6 houses in the last 7 years! … You may be saying, “What! No way!” Yes, way! My husband is in the Navy and we were moving around a lot for our first 7 years of marriage, but the time came to get out of the Navy and put down some roots. We decided to move back to our home town of Columbus, Ohio and buy a house. Was it our dream home? No. Actually it was a really gross home. haha, don’t worry it gets better. Our plan was to fully renovate our home to create our dream home with minimal farmhouse decor throughout. When you walked in, it was so dark and dingy. My mother in law even walked in and was like “ummm what are you thinking?” Okay she didn’t say that, but it was definitely on her face!

Flash forward to 6 months and our dream home is almost complete! Home renovations are done! Okay, not really, but almost! Our full home renovation is almost complete, but all of the really big projects are done. There are still some lingering projects like our guest bath renovation and a ton of outdoor work, but things like our kitchen and living room wall torn town and renovated, our master bed and bath and so many more things are complete. And I feel like I’ve been put through the ringer, but I certainly feel like I’ve learned a lot. See my post on 14 things I’ve learned when completely renovating my dream house here!

The Farmhouse Kitchen

Everyone loves a spacious farmhouse basin-style sink. These sinks are timeless and beautiful! For your sink and faucet, I recommending finding something classic that won’t go out of style. like the ones I got from MR Direct. When you picture a farmhouse sink, you probably picture a big white rectangular porcelain tub, but you don’t have to stick with that design. You can opt for copper, stainless steel, or whatever fits the color scheme in your kitchen.

Next up, cabinets.There are a few directions you can go for modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets! Do you want them to be rustic? Do you want them to be sleek and white or maybe bring a touch of industrial with black cabinets? Whatever cabinets you end up choosing, make sure you get enough space for all of your kitchen gadgets, plates and silverware, etc… and work with a contractor to draw up the most space-efficient plans.

For a full rundown on kitchen organization, check out this blog post.

Farmhouse Aesthetic Living Room

If you’re like me, you want the living room to be as comfortable and welcoming as possible. After all, you do “live” there! Remember to When I redid my living room, I focused on what worked best for my family. For example: a white couch was a no-no for a house full of toddlers and dogs! Now let’s start with the furniture because this is the base of the whole design. And really, the most important thing is deciding on the COLOR. All the details, the cut, the trimmings, the hardware, none of that stuff is as important as the color. For minimal farmhouse decor, you’re going to want to choose a good solid basic that you can build off of. It will allow you to change pillows, blankets, coffee table decor and switch up your look without changing big expensive items.

I have a dark brown, real leather couch and I love it! It’s a Restoration Hardware dupe and it was one of the first purchases Justin and I made when we got married. It started me on my path to modern farmhouse decor in the rest of the house. I have used it as a base to do so many different looks: farmhouse industrial, farmhouse rustic, farmhouse modern, all of the above. Having moved 6 times, we have had to make our decor fit in all kinds of different living rooms.

Modern Farmhouse Decor for the Walls

Incorporate dimension into your walls by adding wall decor like framed mirrors, wire accessories, and wooden accents. Does your home have brick walls that need an update? Check out my tutorial on How to Achieve a DIY German Schmear Bricks on a Budget!

Wall decor is the last detail that personalizes your home! I have always been someone who wants family photos around everywhere, but when we moved into this house, I never put any up. I still haven’t put any up over a year later. It’s not because I don’t love my family or don’t want to have photos up, but I wanted cleaner walls. We have less wall decor in this home than we ever have before and I kind of love it. I want to love and appreciate every single item that comes into this house. I don’t want to collect clutter. The minimal farmhouse decor I like is just that…minimal. And I feel more at peace when my decor is minimal, so I’m rolling with it.

Protecting Your Home Against EMFs

Do you work from home? Have wifi in your home? Use a wireless tv? Live in a city? I guarantee you answered yes to at least one of those questions. Every single electronic device emits what is known as EMFs. EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, which are invisible electrical and magnetic forces. Everything generates an electromagnetic field. The natural earth creates one, and so does the human body. We are electromagnetic beings, so every electric device interacts with our body on a cellular level – some at a high level and some at lower levels.

EMFs are something that you want to avoid for the best possible health because they break down molecular and cellular integrity. It can damage our tissues, DNA, or even bones that can enhance the risk of cancer and other dangerous problems. For this reason, you want to make sure you’re avoiding EMF’s as much as possible and equipping your modern farmhouse decor with protection dots and a Somavedic harmonizing device. I promise they have models that fit the farmhouse aesthetic.

minimal farmhouse decor kitchen counter

The Minimal Farmhouse Bathroom

The goal for your farmhouse bathroom should be elegance and rustic charm. Whether for your family or guests, a powder room should feel welcoming and warm. Since farmhouse colors often includes neutrals and whites, employ these colors in your space to give the impression of a larger space and expand a smaller bathroom. You can also add touches of shades of dark brown, navy or gray to bring a cozy vibe. Common farmhouse bathroom wall choices include shiplap paneling, stenciled tile, and rustic wallpaper. If your home has enough space, sliding barn doors are an amazing choice for bathrooms too! The final reveal of our hallway bathroom is coming soon, but you can see some of the details I chose in the carousel below if you’re looking for bathroom inspiration for your home.


Decorating your home is a big deal because this is where you and your family will be spending most of your time. You want to create a sanctuary that brings peace, but is also functional. It’s a hard line to walk, but it’s doable. I hope that my minimal farmhouse decor guide for each room was helpful! Ready to renovate, but feeling nervous? Head over to my guide: 14 Things I Learned While Completely Renovating My Home.

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