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Somavedic Review: Is it Really Worth It for EMF Protection?

Do you work from home? Have wifi in your home? Use a wireless tv? Live in a city? I guarantee you answered yes to at least one of those questions and that means you may need the Somavedic harmonizing device! Check out my full Somavedic review below! EMF radiation and exposure is the newest rabbit hole I climbed down and guys, I could talk about it all day. Because of this, I knew I needed to share my findings with you – You know I’m all about being a better, healthier person every way that I can!This is the Somavedic review you’ve been looking for. I am pictured below with the EMF harmonizer called the Medic Green Ultra which they replaced with the Vedic. Don’t let that confuse you. They just made improvements and renamed this model. It harmonizes our bodies against 3 4 and 5G, EMF, free radicals and more and therefore gives you many physical health benefits. Think of a full body antioxidant for all types of radiation. See how the Somavedic fits into our minimal farmhouse decor here.

Did you know?

Research shows that 5G waves can even affect our body so much that it would cause your body to produce coronaviruses on the skin. “In this research, we show that 5F millimeter waves can be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells,” the study states.

In another article over 6 months ago, “Wuhan, the global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic rolled out 5G systems just weeks before the C-19 outbreak hit, with some scientists saying that 5G’s effects on human cells can cause flu-like symptoms.”

The Fight Against EMFs (specifically 5G) in Other Countries

Did you know that in April 2021, there was a huge hunger strike in Italy by civilians against 5G. They wanted the government to halt putting up 5G towers until they completed further research of the effects on the human body. More than 600 Italian municipals have passed a resolution to halt 5G until safety research is completed. Italy has one of the lowest wireless radiation thresholds and in order to bring in 5G technology, they would have to increase this limid 100 fold! In the US, our legal limit is more than 100 times what is allowed in Italy.

Human Made Sources of EMFs

  • Air traffic control
  • 3/4/5G towers and devices
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Wifi Routers
  • Cell phones and laptops

You can go to antennasearch.com to actually see how many antennas are within a 3 mile radius of your home. You will obviously have a much higher number if you are in an urbana or suburban area and a much lower number if you are in a rural area. Just because you’re in a rural area doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about EMFs though. Because the 5G waves are much shorter, that means that they had to put a lot more towers closer and closer together. As soon as you start to become aware of them and know what they look like, you’ll start to notice them everywhere! It’s sad actually.

Dangers of EMFs

“It is scientifically proven, that EMF radiation causes harmful oxidative processes to manifest within our cells, which have overall negative effects on our health and well-being. This is the primary factor behind accelerated aging and the incurrence of chronic degenerative illnesses.”

  • Damage to childhood development
  • Affects cell growth
  • Derails brain function
  • Neutralizes Sperm
  • May affect fertility
  • Provokes cardiac stress

Could EMF Exposure be Linked to Cancer?

“This is extremely controversial but we can’t ignore that plenty of animal models indicate that exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the risk of tumor development. While human studies are rare, reports and case studies abound. One such case involves a young 21-year-old woman who developed breast cancer. What makes this case unique was that her family did not have a predisposition to breast cancer… and she developed the tumor right on the spot she carried her cell phone in her bra.” See that case here.

Our body’s immune system and healing properties allow us to expel diseases, expel viruses and bacterias as well as heal things like injured bones and ligaments. This process is slowed drastically by the electromagnetic waves that we’re exposed to every single day. If you’re sick, you will get better much faster if you turn off your wifi. If you have a broken bone, you will heal much faster if you avoid your cell phone or bluetooth headphones. (Note this is not medical advice, ask your doctor, but these things have been proven time and time again)

somavedic reviews

What is a Somavedic?

Somavedic is a strategic cluster of crystals that when plugged in, basically gets put into overdrive and allows your body to. harmonize against countless free radicals. The most important thing that has me saying a resounding “yes” to the question “Is the Somavedic Worth It?” is that it harmonizes against 5G waves. As you may or may not know, the 5G technology was just turned on my Verizon and AT&T this week (Jan 19, 2021). Many have already been reporting disrupted sleep and headaches.

From Somavedic themselves: “EMF or electromagnetic frequencies exist everywhere in the environment. In our homes, school and work place. With the exponential implementation of connected devices and 5G it’s more important then ever to increase our awareness about this all penetrating technology.” The device harmonizes those waves to essentially be more tolerable by the body.

Feeling skeptical? I was too. That’s why I tested it myself so I could write a comprehensive Somavedic review. The dangers of EMFs are typically buried due to the profits that companies incur by using them, so you have to dig a little deeper to find unbiased information. We’re all starting to become more aware of the fact that we need to be aware of these frequencies and somehow mitigate them. It can all feel really overwhelming, but I’m here to simplify it for you!

Health Benefits of the Somavedic

My most positive note in this Somavedic review is the endless health benefits it can provide. Somavedic has been tested by different independent laboratories and is proven to have positive results on our cells and bodies. It has shown an amazing increase in quality and length of sleep in lab tests. But more than that, we have personally experienced better sleep! Evie was getting up 2-5 times per night and after plugging this in, her sleep drastically improved.

It is scientifically proven to cause improved heart rate, circulation and internal balance. Somavedic has positive effect on the cardiovascular system. High BP becomes lower, low BP increases. Positive psychological wellbeing is common – think better mental health, less stress, PLUS length and quality of sleep drastically improved.

Thanks to technology, our lives are more convenient than ever. We are able to get information or contact a friend or family member at the drop of a hat, but that comes with some consequences. Your health can drastically suffer from extended exposure to these EMF waves, so you have to take your health into your own hands.

Health Benefits Include

  • Positive effect on the cardiovascular system
  • Positive effect on the nervous system which increases mental health and stress levels
  • A general positive effect on physical and psychological wellbeing
  • Length and quality of sleep were better *adds to cart
  • Improved heart rate variability and circulation
somavedic reviews
Research shows that the actual structure and grouping of our blood cells are harmonized with the device present! (See Research here)

Because I know you answered “yes” to at least one of those questions above, you need a Somavedic in your life 👏🏼

Detox From EMF Exposure

You might not know it, but your environment and your body need a reset. We are constantly exposed to EMF radiation, so this Somavedic review wouldn’t be complete without talking about potential detox symptoms. Think about your cell phone, your laptop, your tv, all the devices you use, your wifi, etc. As a result, you need a detox! We hear “you need a detox” from advertisers all the time, but we typically hear that drinking juices & taking supplements will do the trick. Even though that will certainly have positive health benefits, it will most certainly ignore a huge part of your overall wellness. Did you know that EMFs can actually change the structure of your blood, increase stress & lowers sleep quality? Depending on the model of the device, this energetic healing power comes from a combination of precious and semi-precious stones.

somavedic reviews

How to Detox

Through controlled vibrations, a Somavedic device creates a harmonized, clean environment filled with natural frequencies that engage the body-mind healing process. As a result, your body begins to heal and harmonize itself where before, those EMF waves were inhibiting that natural healing from happening. The energy released even structures your water! Structured water promotes the function of your immune system and provides your body with essential hydration, along with many other benefits. Its vibrational radius of 50-100 feet penetrates walls and floors/ceilings. Get ready to be more productive, more focused & more rested!

Does this “vibrational technology” sound like nonsense to you? It did to me too, until I tried the Somavedic in my home. You can use my code KAIT10 to get 10& off your purchase! They also have a 60 day back guarantee, so take the dive if you think it could be beneficial for you and your family. If you don’t notice any difference, send it back! That is exactly what made me take the plunge. I knew it was an investment, but our health is an investment. We’re investing in our future years to come. For more holistic motherhood tips, read my comprehensive blog post here!

They are co-headquartered in Prague where their glass corpuses are made in world-famous glass factories and San Francisco. The devices have already been discovered by over 120,000+ people in more than 52 countries worldwide. But the creator said “Even if I help one person, it will have all been worth it.”

My Family’s Personal Somavedic Review

No Somavedic review is complete without talking about personal experience. As a mom with three kids, I am always super aware of things. Like sometimes too aware. And that can start to give me anxiety. One of the things that I started researching was EMFs and their impact on the body. When you have little ones who are developing, you want only the best for them to be able to develop as perfectly as possible.

When we first got the Somavedic, I plugged it in that night. We all had the best night of sleep with extremely deep sleep that night. I remember feeling like I went into such a deep sleep that no time had passed. You know those days when you lay your head on the pillow and then you wake up refreshed what feels like 10 minutes later. There’s just something so comforting and cozy about that feeling. That’s what we had.

Improved Mental Health

My personal experience Somavedic review is both physical and mental! My daughter (5 years old) was also waking up every single night between 1-3am with nightmares, not knowing where she was. It seemed like she was in some sort of alternate state where she wasn’t awake but wasn’t asleep. That very first night when we plugged in the Somavedic, she didn’t wake up for the first time in months. And she has been consistently sleeping through the night since then (praise the Lord because mama is tired).

We also felt an immense feeling of just better mental health. It’s so odd to describe, but when your body is functioning at the best state possible, your mental health improves. As a stay at home mom, this has always been something I struggled with – anxiety and rage and then the mom guilt that followed. Since having the device in the house, I truly feel a better sense of myself and my mental health has improved. If nothing else, this was 100% worth it for me. All my moms know exactly what I’m talking about. Even my assistant said that when she was looking at these photos that she felt a sense of peace. Incredible!

If you feel drawn to try it, they have a 60 day back guarantee and a payment plan available. You can also use my code KAIT10 to get an even better deal!

what is the somavedic

More About the New Vedic Model

As I said above, I have the MedicGreen Ultra, but they have replaced that with the Vedic, so my Somavedic review is for the Medic Green Ultra. The Vedic is stronger though and therefore has even more benefits.

Most of their models can even structure your water. Take a look below at the image. What does “structure water” mean? That means that it returns your water to the most naturally existing molecule shape. This makes the water easier to absorb by your body. Imagine drinking mountain water straight off of a glacier. That’s exactly the health effect you’re getting here. Below is also a screen grab of the different models and what they do.

what does each somavedic device do
what is the somavedic
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