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Farmhouse Sink and Faucet from MR Direct


Knowing what you want when you go into a farmhouse kitchen renovation is important! When we started this whole renovation, it was so overwhelming to think about what I wanted. Farmhouse sink, shaker cabinets, should I go white or black? Do I go stainless or matte black on the cabinet pulls? And soooo much more. See how everything came together for our minimal farmhouse kitchen here!

All the steps that had to happen before I would actually get to a final product seemed like they would never get done. And then when the contractors started, wow, it seemed like the progress was zooming and then at times it was absolutely crawling. Renovating a house is a roller coaster to say the least! But there was always one thing I KNEW I wanted and that was a beautiful farmhouse sink in my island. I wanted it to be a true white farmhouse sink with an antiqued matte black bronze faucet. And I’m so happy to say I was able to find exactly what I wanted! Here is a link to the exact sink that I got. It’s so cool because you can flip it either way. There is a smooth side for more modern look and a ridged side for a more farmhouse look.


You know, you get an idea of what you want in your head and then actually finding it can be absolutely impossible. It was so easy with MR Direct. I worked with them and found exactly what I wanted! They were the only retailer that had tons of options for farmhouse sinks. They had hammered copper, concrete, stainless steel and Fireclay like the one I got. Choosing was really the hardest part! I went with the Fireclay Single Bowl Sink & let me tell you it’s big enough that I could easily bathe my toddler in it. My husband jokes that even he could bathe in it ha! Now that would be a sight! It’s elegant, beautiful and classic, but gives that modern feel that I wanted.

Not only did they help with the farmhouse sink, I also had the privilege of working with them to help me choose my faucet. The sink was clear in my mind, the faucet not so much. I was able to explain exactly the look I was going for (farmhouse, industrial, modern, chic) and boom. They recommended this and it was exactly the look I was going for – the faucet I didn’t yet know I needed!


All of my farmhouse sink dreams came true when I worked with MR Direct! And now my family can live in this space seamlessly. The sink is actually livable. You know when you buy something nice and then it totally doesn’t work in your lifestyle? This farmhouse sink isn’t one of those things. Scroll to see some photos of my family living in the space – Cinderella dress & pajamas & dirty farm dogs and all!

If you’re looking for a new sink, I cannot recommend them enough! Here is the link for their website. I promise you that they have exactly what you’re looking for.