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Gain Massive Following by Knowing Your Target Audience


Let me tell you a little story about my target market and how it has drastically affected my growth as an influencer. And sharing a little 1:1 coaching testimonial at the end.

A year ago, I had no clue what I was talking about, who I was posting for, why I was posting and how I was serving my followers. I had no clue what I should be posting. That anxiety of “I need to consistently post, but I have no clue what to post” was so real. Every day. Or at least most days.

Does that sound like you at all? I feel you and I understand you on a deep level if this is you 😜


One year later, I’ve worked my tail off to find out why that was happening. I worked on exactly what my mission is and WHO that mission is for. When I started posting with those people in mind, talking directly to them, my whole account changed. Followers started pouring in – valuable engaging followers, not just numbers. People started caring about what I was sharing. And the value in my content went through the roof. Because I knew exactly who I was talking to and exactly what they needed to hear. Knowing their pain points and the content that they needed to hear – that transformed my following. People started following because they had no choice, they NEEDED my content. I was solving a problem for them that they needed solved.

One year later, I actually have TOO MUCH content to post 😂 Imagine that. Imagine never having to stress about content again. Imagine having a huge long list of content you can post because you are tapping into that creativity, your passion, and your target audience. . . Take a minute to work on who your ideal follower is. What does that follower look like? What are they doing all day? Do they work? Do they stay at home? How can you identify with them? Do they have kids? Do they go to the gym every day? Etc. There is no end to the questions you can ask yourself about your ideal follower avatar. Try to transform your content a bit, be intentional with it and see what happens. . . I’ve been working on a one-on-one coaching basis with one influencer in particular and this transformation should say it all. He just started working on his ideal follower avatar and being intentional with his content and his post likes went from an average of 30 likes per post to over 300 likes per post 😱 THAT is a huge transformation!

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