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Boho Nursery Inspiration: Easy Gender Neutral Nursery Guide

Grayson’s nursery is one of my favorite rooms in the whole house, so I’m surprised that it took me this long to write about it! It’s so peaceful and calming. I looked at lots of baby boy nursery inspiration and ideas. When I didn’t find anything I really loved, I knew I had to create a boho nursery with safari details so I could inspire others! I love the green accent wall and the black and white boho vibes, all the plants (even if they are fake haha), everything about it screams boho safari to me.

I knew I wanted to do something with a kind of adventure boho vibe, so I first started looking for cute baby animals. Found these adorable babies on Etsy and I love that you could choose the animals you want. You can also choose exactly as many as you need – if you want two or ten, it’s totally customizable. And this artist has all kinds other cute pictures if these exact animals don’t strike your fancy.

The Wall Color


This green wall was a point of contention at first. We couldn’t decide if we just wanted an accent wall or wanted to paint the whole room a more subtle color, but we finally settled on this deep cozy green from Sherwin Williams called Shamrock. It really anchored the whole room and brought our boho nursery details all together.


Sentimental Stuff

We’ve had these crates since we had our very first house together, so they hold some sentimental value. Mostly because I worked so hard on them, not necessarily because they’re important to me lol. They come in the raw wood and I hand stained them to make a bookshelf in our first house together. This was also when I was staying home, not working, with nothing to do. No kids, no dog, nothing. What did I even spend my time doing? haha! Anyway, a rant for another time.

I love how you can customize the shape of your book shelf/shelves and they are so versatile. If you need storage somewhere, just pull one of these bad boys out of the closet. As far as I’ve found, no one carries them already stained. They do have some more rustic vintage ones but not good solid brown like these. Perfect for our boho nursery.

Used here for diaper storage – cloth and disposable, and then just have some cute stuffed animals in the empty shelves. I’m sure as he gets bigger, I’ll add actual books to the shelves.boho nurseryboho nursery

Target Finds for Our Boho Nursery

I found some of the cutest black and white crib sheets, all from Target, but this boho zebra print is my favorite! So so cute and fits the room so well. This fabulous rug is from Target and its one of my other favorite parts of the room. So perfect for a boho nursery and such a good deal.

The curtains also came from Target and can be found here. We did a little something crazy with our curtain rods because our windows are in the corner of the room – two windows on one side of the corner and one window on the other side. We just hung the rods as if they were on a main wall and then in the corner, I overlapped a curtain so it looks like the rod is all one contraption. It took some rigging, but it looks cute now! Gotta get creative folks!

The most questions I get asked about Grayson’s room are always about his gigantic tree! Talk about a statement piece. This guy is 8 feet tall and is very VERY big. See how Grayson’s boho nursery inspiration fits into our minimal farmhouse decor.

boho nursery

I am so sad to say that the crib and dresser in his room were discontinued. They’re the ones we used in Evie’s nursery and they’re from Babies R Us, which is now no longer selling anything. So sorry about that! But I love that the neutral color and richness of the design translated both for her girly room and his boho room.

You can just see a small snippet of it in the bottom right corner of the image below, but we also have Justin’s grandfather’s footlocker from his time in the Air Force. This piece is so special to us and while it isn’t functional in Grayson’s room (just holds old photo albums), it matches his boho nursery theme perfectly. Throwing in sentimental pieces like this really make the room your own.

boho nursery

Customize It

The brown baskets and green plants on the floor and dresser are from Home Goods. That’s where I started this nursery creating adventure and that’s where I’m ending it. Home Goods is great for inspiration and if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Fair warning though, it’s like the Target of home decor. Everything you can imagine that you do or maybe don’t need – you’ll end up taking it home ha!

I hope you loved Grayson’s little boho nursery tour!



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