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Hot Chocolate Recipe Made with Bone Broth: How to Make it and Why

Balance your blood sugar with my delicious bone broth hot chocolate recipe! I promise it doesn’t taste like bone broth, but still contains all the healing bone broth health benefits!

Benefits of Bone Broth

  • Higher concentration of collagen than stock
  • Contains electrolytes & valuable minerals (Research shows that most people are deficient in minerals and this hot chocolate recipe is a great way to get in the necessary minerals without supplementing (the research)
  • Lowers anxiety, reduces inflammation, and clears up skin
  • Rebuilds gut lining and skeletal system
  • Balance blood sugar and nourish immune system

This bone broth hot chocolate recipe is a great way to get that cozy holiday feeling with an extra dose of nutrition! You can use store-bought bone broth, but want to learn how to make bone broth itself? Check out this post. If you’re not ready to make your own and you don’t want to keep a lot of liquid bone broth on hand, I love this powdered bone broth concentrate. (This is also a great item to keep in your pantry for emergency preparedness.)

My Bone Broth Hot Chocolate Recipe

You’re probably saying “alright get on with the recipe already!” Here we go:

Heat all of this together in a stove top pan at low to medium heat while whisking. Add the milk/cream last and add it slowly as to not curdle the milk. I also use a whisk to keep things mixing nicely and to break up those chunks of cacao and collagen for the perfect hot chocolate recipe.


  • 1 cup warm bone broth
  • 1 scoop collagen (I use Perfect Supplements brand. use code KAIT10 for 10% off!)
  • 1 tbsp raw cacao
  • 1 tbsp organic sugar
  • A dash of ceylon cinnamon
  • A drop of vanilla
  • Milk/cream to taste

Start with this base and tweak it to your taste. Some people prefer more chocolate, more milk, etc… so please, make it your own! Bring the coziness in basically every season, but especially those chilly days of fall and winter. They’re just begging for a good hot chocolate recipe.

Leave me a comment with your favorite adjustments to this recipe!

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