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    Benefits of Walking: 7 Reasons To Take A Walk Today

    Walking is one of the most accessible activities to improve your health that you can get started on today. You don’t need to buy any special equipment, you just need a good pair of shoes! A little walk goes a long way so let’s talk about the immense benefits of walking. The list is really endless! I know you have a pedometer on your phone, you just may not know it – they all come with one. So take a look at your steps and see where you are – do you need to go on a walk today? Chances are, the answer is yes! Spend Time Outdoors Yes, you…

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    Hot Chocolate Recipe Made with Bone Broth: How to Make it and Why

    Balance your blood sugar with my delicious bone broth hot chocolate recipe! I promise it doesn’t taste like bone broth, but still contains all the healing bone broth health benefits! Benefits of Bone Broth Higher concentration of collagen than stock Contains electrolytes & valuable minerals (Research shows that most people are deficient in minerals and this hot chocolate recipe is a great way to get in the necessary minerals without supplementing (the research) Lowers anxiety, reduces inflammation, and clears up skin Rebuilds gut lining and skeletal system Balance blood sugar and nourish immune system This bone broth hot chocolate recipe is a great way to get that cozy holiday feeling…

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    Learn How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Your Pregnancy

    Stretch marks can be such a huge worry of women when they become pregnant. If you are already prone to them, you may worry even more. The changes that our bodies go through when we get pregnant, all the way through having a baby, are absolutely crazy and amazing and really miraculous. Follow these 6 tips to prevent stretch marks to the best of your ability!

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    How to Make Solé Water for Health and Wellness

    A little back story for you: after I had Grayson, I had some intense postpartum anxiety until I learned how to make sole water and all of its health benefits for balancing hormones and adrenal glands. Also because I was a tired mom, I went back to drinking coffee each morning and that’s where it all went downhill. I started to notice that my daily coffee made my anxiety so much worse and my stress level went through the roof (both physical and emotional stress). So I had to make a change! I still needed that extra little boost of energy because HELLO MOM LIFE and my sole water in…