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Kitchen Storage Secrets: The Secret to an Organized Kitchen

It’s actually pretty amazing how much you can get done when you’re under the wire! The contractors (& us) have been working on our new house for months, since before Christmas. We were kind of coming to a place where we were done and could actually move into the space, but it still felt like the contractors were dragging their feet on final things such as implementing my kitchen storage must-haves. When this “stay at home” mandate was put into effect in Ohio, I had a serious talk with our contractor and said just do what needs to be done because I don’t want you in my house anymore. Want to know how long it took them to finish up? One day. ha! Today is their last day in the house! That’s all it took was a state mandated order to get them to finish up. Go figure!


The Update

We have started moving everything into our cabinets and actually filling them with our dishes. What a surreal moment! We’ve moved back to our home town after moving 5 times in the past 7 years. This is our home that we put our blood sweat and tears into, we’ve perfectly designed it to be exactly what we want it to be. Our dream home. And now we’re putting our stuff into the cabinets, admiring my strategic kitchen storage. I’m so beyond grateful for the opportunity to create exactly what I want! I designed this kitchen from the ground up. Not many people get to do that in their lifetime! I’m so thankful for the ability to do this and create the space we have dreamed of. Ok, done being mushy!


When it comes to organization, we had wrench after wrench thrown into our design. The laundry was originally in the deeeep dungeon of a basement and I knew I wanted to change that. So we put the laundry in what was the pantry, which really works well, but then what do we use for a pantry? We ended up doing a standing cabinet style pantry with pull out drawers, to keep the kitchen storage flowing smoothly. See the whole update on how our farmhouse kitchen came together here!


Our Cabinets

When you start to think about your dream kitchen, it’s really hard to make decisions because you don’t really know all the options. Then once you do know all the options, it’s almost overwhelming trying to decide! We went with two sets of these super deep, super wide drawers and I think this is my favorite storage feature in the whole kitchen. You don’t have to stack your pots and pans in a cabinet anymore, struggling to find the one you’re looking for. These are the perfect depth for pots, pans & lids to be totally organized and matched up without taking up a ton of space! Highly recommend. Kitchen storage is so important! Our cabinets are from Lily Ann Cabinets & we love them.



We are hoping to move in this week, so I’ll keep you updated on last minute changes and details. Yay!