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    Travel Tips with Kids

    Picture this. You roll up to the airport after the most bonkers morning packing everything into the car, and you’re THOSE people unloading their entire life’s belongings onto the luggage cart. One kid crying, one running around like a maniac, husband looks like a pack mule. And here we are. Traveling with kids. Let’s NOT let this be you when you travel with your littles.

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    Breastfeeding Tips: Tips for New Moms

    As a new mom, breastfeeding tips is one of the things that I think is massively lacking. I get texts from so many new moms asking me “what if baby isn’t latching”, “how do I know if baby is getting enough”, “why is baby eating constantly?” Breastfeeding Tips for the First Week On day one, baby is extremely sleepy. Yes, they’ll be sleepy for two weeks or even two months after being born, but that first day after birth is extra sleepy. Birth is exhausting for them too. Don’t expect baby to eat too much on the first day, but you should try to get baby latched as often as…

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    Natural Birth Stories in a Birth Center: Grayson’s Birth

    This is a long one guys, but that’s because I want to remember every single detail and there will come a day when I don’t remember my natural birth stories as vividly as I do now. My Natural Birth Stories Background Let’s start this natural unmedicated birth story of mine with a little back story. Evie Marie, our two year old, came exactly a week early. Because she was my first baby, I was fully expecting her to be late. Well, SURPRISE, she came early! What a great surprise! And thus starts me compiling my natural birth stories one at a time. Flash forward two and a half years. October…