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    10 Easy Tips for Healthy Pregnancy and Baby

    If you’re choosing to go the holistic route, the journey through pregnancy & motherhood can feel isolating. It can feel like everyone else is going the traditional medicine route and you’re all alone! I’m here to tell you don’t worry – you’re not alone. There are so many people who choose to live a more natural lifestyle and you can find them right here on the internet! I’m going to guide you through everything you need to know for healthy pregnancy including healthy pregnancy snacks, vitamins and supplements and where to find community. These tips aren’t only for when you’re pregnant, however: use them into breastfeeding & motherhood to continue…

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    Easy Outdoor Activities for Kids to Help Reduce Screen Time

    Help your kids spend less time connected to technology and more time outdoors with these kids outdoor activities. This will inarguably positively impact their lives in so many ways. A 2014 study found that reducing screen time for children resulted in more sleep, better grades, lower BMIs, and less aggressive behavior in their lives. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports children today spend an average of seven hours per day on electronic devices. Seven hours per day? That’s almost a full school day! I don’t know about you, but that sounds like way too much time for my kids to be online. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes screen time can…

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    Prenatal Vitamins & Supplements You Need For a Healthy Pregnancy

    When I got pregnant with my first baby, all the horror stories started to roll in. Other moms were saying things like “my labor was 50 hours long” or “I was so uncomfortable, wait until your belly gets huge.” I do not want to ever be that mom! I want to encourage you that you can have a happy, comfortable (for the most part) pregnancy & delivery, and I’m going to share the midwife-recommended pregnancy supplements that have helped me get through it all. I’m going to share each of the supplements that my midwives have recommended over all three of my pregnancies & things I’ve picked up along the…

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    Avocado Toast Recipe: How To Make The Best Avocado Toast

    If your’e looking for a healthy avocado toast recipe, but sick of the same old same old, this is for you! Because we lived in San Diego for 3 years and we actually even had an avocado tree in our front yard, we ate a lot of avocado toast. This recipe has been perfected & leveled up time and time again until we landed on this recipe. The Base We have been eating all the variations of avocado toast and I’ve been getting creative! I feel like I’ve come up with the perfect combo that always leaves you feeling full and like you’ve eaten a good meal. Avocado toast used…

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    How to Make Solé Water for Health and Wellness

    A little back story for you: after I had Grayson, I had some intense postpartum anxiety until I learned how to make sole water and all of its health benefits for balancing hormones and adrenal glands. Also because I was a tired mom, I went back to drinking coffee each morning and that’s where it all went downhill. I started to notice that my daily coffee made my anxiety so much worse and my stress level went through the roof (both physical and emotional stress). So I had to make a change! I still needed that extra little boost of energy because HELLO MOM LIFE and my sole water in…

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    How to Organize Clothes for a Picky Toddler

    We have officially entered the 3 going on 13 stage of toddler-hood and this little girl absolutely loves clothes! She loves shopping for them, picking them out, making outfits, changing outfits, re-changing outfits, and of course dressing like a princess. What she really wants is real make up and nail polish, but I said no on those, so we compromised on always letting her pick out her own clothes. This only became a problem when she started coming down the stairs in absolutely insane outfits that she knew didn’t match, but she wasn’t sure why they didn’t go together. So we made a plan! And it has really been working…

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    Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    I’m sharing some of my favorite gifts for mom that I’ve compiled, ranging from $20-80. You could always send flowers, but how about something that won’t wilt and die this year? Ok that sounded morbid and I guarantee she’d love flowers, but why not change it up!

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    Boho Nursery Inspiration: Easy Gender Neutral Nursery Guide

    Grayson’s nursery is one of my favorite rooms in the whole house, so I’m surprised that it took me this long to write about it! It’s so peaceful and calming. I looked at lots of baby boy nursery inspiration and ideas. When I didn’t find anything I really loved, I knew I had to create a boho nursery with safari details so I could inspire others! I love the green accent wall and the black and white boho vibes, all the plants (even if they are fake haha), everything about it screams boho safari to me. I knew I wanted to do something with a kind of adventure boho vibe,…

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    Travel Tips with Kids

    Picture this. You roll up to the airport after the most bonkers morning packing everything into the car, and you’re THOSE people unloading their entire life’s belongings onto the luggage cart. One kid crying, one running around like a maniac, husband looks like a pack mule. And here we are. Traveling with kids. Let’s NOT let this be you when you travel with your littles.

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    Breastfeeding Tips: Tips for New Moms

    As a new mom, breastfeeding tips is one of the things that I think is massively lacking. I get texts from so many new moms asking me “what if baby isn’t latching”, “how do I know if baby is getting enough”, “why is baby eating constantly?” Breastfeeding Tips for the First Week On day one, baby is extremely sleepy. Yes, they’ll be sleepy for two weeks or even two months after being born, but that first day after birth is extra sleepy. Birth is exhausting for them too. Don’t expect baby to eat too much on the first day, but you should try to get baby latched as often as…