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1.25 Million Formula Tins from Aussie Bubs to Aid Formula Shortage in America

This year has been a weird one hasn’t it? But we’ve said that about the last few years in retrospect. This year brought the great formula shortage, which scared a lot of parents. What if I can’t feed my baby? What if I’m not able to get them the one thing they absolutely need to survive? I am so proud to talk about how Bubs Australia the makers of Aussie Bubs stepped up to help fill that need. See a need, fill it. (While this blog post is sponsored, all thoughts and assessments are my own.)

Kristy Carr, CEO & Founder

“At this point, we had safely fed more than 1 million babies for 17 years without incident. Our three infant formulas all met the nutrient requirements of the US Infant Formula Act and were all recipients of the Clean Label Purity Award (which means they were third-party tested for 400 contaminants and toxins). And as one of only three countries recognized by the U.S. as having comparable food-safety standards, we knew we had the products and the capabilities to help bring relief.” -Kristy Carr, CEO & Founder of Bubs Australia & Aussie Bubs

They started making a plan to fly in formula for our American babies’ well-being – how inspiring!

Operation Maverick

This article tells all the details of Operation Maverick, which is what they dubbed their mission to aid in the American formula shortage. Kristy, and many of the employees who were imperative to Operation Maverick, are parents themselves, so they understood the gravity of the situation. It all started by writing and petitioning the government officials and FDA to accept their formula based on their quality, standards and track record. And it ended with 1.25 million tins full of formula being flown in for our babies!

From the Founder: “Over the coming weeks, Bubs Australia’s Aussie Bubs infant formulas will be filling store shelves across the country. And while I hope we can bring much-needed relief, I also understand we are an unfamiliar brand to American families. I started with a mission to create clean, organic, nutrient-rich foods and formulas for my daughter. And while Bubs has grown significantly over the last 17 years, our DNA will never change.”

Where to Find Aussie Bubs?

You can find Aussie Bubs infant and toddler formula on shelves at Walmart, Target, Albertsons, Acme supermarkets, and Kroger. Refer to their store locator on their Where to Buy page on to find stores near you. They give you so many ways to order and the quality is of the highest standard. You can trust Bubs & Aussie Bubs for your little one just like I do!

I have been giving Grayson the toddler formula for about a year now and my youngest just turned one, so she will get it as well. We have had full confidence in the standards that Aussie Bubs has for their products!

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