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    Gifts for In Laws: Unique Holiday Finds That Will Make You The New Favorite

    Every year around this time, I hear the same thing – “what do I get my in-laws for the holidays?” Whether you’re meeting them for the first time or you’ve been agonizing over finding a gift for the in-laws who have it all, you’ve come to the right place. Luckily, learning how to shop for your in-laws doesn’t have to be a struggle. Keep reading for the best gifts for in laws this season! Gifts For The In Laws Who Have Everything Good gifts for in laws are hard enough, but what do you buy the mother in law who has everything already? How do you impress the father in…

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    Period Cramp Relief: How To Ease Period Pain Using Drug-Free Methods

    If you know me, you know I’m all about holistic health. I’m also a woman, and women get menstrual cramps and have babies (I had a home birth just this year!). As a woman and as a mother, you have to go on with your daily activities whether you’re in pain or not. No sick days for mama haha! In an effort to keep these challenging moments drug-free, I’ve starting looking for alternative ways to ease period cramp relief and overall pain relief. I’m excited to share with you some new natural ways to cope with pain including how to ease period cramps. Does a pain-free period sound too good…

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    Is the Somavedic Really Worth It? EMF Protection

    Do you work from home? Have wifi in your home? Use a wireless tv? Live in a city? I guarantee you answered yes to at least one of those questions and that means you need the Somavedic harmonizing device! EMF radiation and exposure is the newest rabbit hole I climbed down and guys, I could talk about it all day. Because of this, I knew I needed to share my findings with you – You know I’m all about being a better, healthier person every way that I can! This is the Somavedic EMF harmonizer called the Medic Green Ultra which they replaced with the Vedic. Don’t let that confuse you. They…

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    Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

    Father’s Day is notoriously a hard holiday to buy for because most dads really have everything they want. Some dads are hard to shop for, some have everything, some are tech savvy, some aren’t tech savvy, some like funny gift ideas and some don’t. It all starts to get overwhelming when you start looking at gifts, so that’s why I put together these gift guides for all kinds of things for all kinds of dads. Take the personality of your dad and find the perfect gift for Father’s Day on this list. Everything linked here is from Amazon, so it’ll all be here in time! Is your dad tech savvy?…

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    Girl Nursery Ideas: How to DIY Beautiful Pinterest-Worthy Nursery

    When we found out that we were having a little girl, I started to see frills and tutus and flowers and all kinds of girly things fill my Pinterest boards. Not having a girl, click here to get nursery inspiration for a little boy with our son’s nursery. Here’s the thing, making a Pinterest-worthy nursery doesn’t have to be expensive! You don’t have to buy every single accessory you see to make one of these girl nursery ideas come to life. You don’t have to it the most expensive rocking chair that reclines and vibrates and serves you dinner just because that one blogger did it. You can DIY your…

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    Learn How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Your Pregnancy

    Stretch marks can be such a huge worry of women when they become pregnant. If you are already prone to them, you may worry even more. The changes that our bodies go through when we get pregnant, all the way through having a baby, are absolutely crazy and amazing and really miraculous. Follow these 6 tips to prevent stretch marks to the best of your ability!

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    Prenatal Vitamins & Supplements You Need For a Healthy Pregnancy

    When I got pregnant with my first baby, all the horror stories started to roll in. Other moms were saying things like “my labor was 50 hours long” or “I was so uncomfortable, wait until your belly gets huge.” I do not want to ever be that mom! I want to encourage you that you can have a happy, comfortable (for the most part) pregnancy & delivery, and I’m going to share the midwife-recommended pregnancy supplements that have helped me get through it all. I’m going to share each of the supplements that my midwives have recommended over all three of my pregnancies & things I’ve picked up along the…

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    Affordable Cabinets Modern Farmhouse with Lily Ann Cabinets

    Let’s talk cabinets. I mean let’s get right to the point that we’re all thinking. Cabinets are so expensive! Building my dream modern farmhouse kitchen was proving to be way too expensive for my budget until I found Lily Ann Cabinets. I ended up cutting my contractors cabinet budget in half! Yes I said HALF!! Finding affordable cabinets can be so hard. Let me show you how you can do it too! Lily Ann Cabinets is a family owned company based out of Michigan that offers all solid wood cabinets (yeah they’re extremely sturdy) that are half or even sometimes a third of the cost of what another cabinet company…

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    Farmhouse Sink and Faucet from MR Direct

    Knowing what you want when you go into a farmhouse kitchen renovation is important! When we started this whole renovation, it was so overwhelming to think about what I wanted. Farmhouse sink, shaker cabinets, should I go white or black? Do I go stainless or matte black on the cabinet pulls? And soooo much more. See how everything came together for our minimal farmhouse kitchen here! All the steps that had to happen before I would actually get to a final product seemed like they would never get done. And then when the contractors started, wow, it seemed like the progress was zooming and then at times it was absolutely…