25 Important Questions to Ask Daycare Tour Providers

So you’re ready to sign your kiddos up for daycare. Exciting, but also stressful! It can feel overwhelming trying to decide which daycare is right for your family, but these questions should help you find out whether or not a daycare is a good fit. Make the time to visit many different options and don’t settle for anything below your standards. If possible, see if you can ask these questions to both daycare workers and parents – sometimes their answers will differ. Keep reading for the ultimate list of questions to ask at your daycare interview.

questions to ask daycare

The Basic Questions For Your Potential Provider

  1. What’s included in tuition? What do you need to provide? Are their sibling discounts?
  2. What’s the schedule like? How are alternate drop-offs/pick-ups handled?
  3. Is the day care accredited? If so, from where, and what are their standards?
  4. How is communication handled? Is there an app?
  5. What’s the staff turnover rate?
  6. How are the staff qualified? Do they require CPR/first aid certifications?
  7. What is their refund policy if you have to miss a day due to extenuating circumstances?

Safety Questions You Must Ask

Safety may be one of the most important topics of questions to ask at a daycare tour.

  1. How is safety and security handled?
  2. What is their sick policy for kids? Employees?
  3. What is the ratio of kids to caretakers? How many kids are watched at one time (or in one room)? This one is so important. When you’re touring, check and see if the caretakers are paying attention and are actually in ratio!
  4. What is the injury policy? When do they call you vs. 911? What if there’s an altercation between kids?
  5. Is there a nurse on staff? How do they handle food allergies and medications?
  6. What is their formula/breast milk policy? Do bottles need to be prepped in advance & how are they labeled?
  7. Are the children ever taken off site? If so, how is safety and security handled then? Ask if you can see the bus/van they’ll be transporting the children in.

Daycare Questions To Ask About Your Kid’s Experience

  1. How much outside time do the kids get?
  2. When do the kids change classrooms? Is it by milestone or age?
  3. What is the educational curriculum?
  4. Ask what a typical day’s schedule is like. What’s the activity schedule? When and how long are naps?
  5. How do they handle potty training and/or cloth diapers?
  6. Does the day care offer a daily report on your child?
  7. Are healthy snacks provided or do you need to pack them with your child?
  8. How do caretakers handle an upset child?
  9. What’s their screen time policy? Will your kids be sitting in front of a screen all day?

Remember, your child will be spending a lot of their time at this place. It’s okay to scrutinize and be picky! When you visit, make sure to take a look around at everything and see if they practice what they preach. I know it’s not always possible, as people are signing up for daycares the moment they get pregnant nowadays, but if you can bring your child in and see how they react to the space – that information is just as valuable as the answers to the questions above. Don’t worry if it seems like you’re asking a million questions. The daycare is expecting it!

These questions may look a little different as you become more and more conscious of holistic motherhood principles. Read more about that here!

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