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    Benefits of Walking: 7 Reasons To Take A Walk Today

    Walking is one of the most accessible activities to improve your health that you can get started on today. You don’t need to buy any special equipment, you just need a good pair of shoes! A little walk goes a long way so let’s talk about the immense benefits of walking. The list is really endless! I know you have a pedometer on your phone, you just may not know it – they all come with one. So take a look at your steps and see where you are – do you need to go on a walk today? Chances are, the answer is yes! Spend Time Outdoors Yes, you…

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    Learn How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Your Pregnancy

    Stretch marks can be such a huge worry of women when they become pregnant. If you are already prone to them, you may worry even more. The changes that our bodies go through when we get pregnant, all the way through having a baby, are absolutely crazy and amazing and really miraculous. Follow these 6 tips to prevent stretch marks to the best of your ability!

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    Prenatal Vitamins & Supplements You Need For a Healthy Pregnancy

    When I got pregnant with my first baby, all the horror stories started to roll in. Other moms were saying things like “my labor was 50 hours long” or “I was so uncomfortable, wait until your belly gets huge.” I do not want to ever be that mom! I want to encourage you that you can have a happy, comfortable (for the most part) pregnancy & delivery, and I’m going to share the midwife-recommended pregnancy supplements that have helped me get through it all. I’m going to share each of the supplements that my midwives have recommended over all three of my pregnancies & things I’ve picked up along the…