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How to Make More Money on LikeToKnowIt From Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

The average amount that holiday shoppers spend increases steadily each year. Even through the craziness of the last few years, people still spent more than ever before on holiday gifts. Everyone said they were going to shop early this year… I don’t know about you, but I’m just not that organized! Luckily, as an influencer you can still take advantage of the holiday season and use affiliate links to make money on LiketoKnowit by helping last-minute shoppers finish picking out their holiday gifts. Not on LTK yet? Read this post!

What is LTK or LiketoKnowit?

LiketoKnowit is an affiliate linking website where influencers and other creators are able to pull commissionable links from retail websites. This allows them to share their favorites with their audience who trusts their taste which making money! When someone clicks on their links, there is a code embedded into the link. This code connects anything purchased back to that influencer.

Create A Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Put all of these last-minute gifts in one place by creating a gift guide. Provide gift options for everyone on the list: gifts for mom are just as important as gifts for coworkers! Make sure you check holiday shipping deadlines – Christmas gifts with 2 day shipping are always top sellers. Your followers will likely want to see some holiday gift ideas with fast shipping, so do not skip this step! Make sure all things you link are gifts that will arrive before Christmas. Need an example or some inspiration for your last-minute gift guide? Take a look at one of my gift guides!

Did you know you can look at your LTK analytics to learn how to make money on liketoknowit more efficiently? You can see what buyers are clicking on and use that information to decide which products to post about next. Check out your analytics and see what products consistently sell! I get the most useful information from checking out my sales from previous holiday seasons – that way I know exactly what my shoppers want and are likely to purchase again. If your analytics don’t show anything useful, take a look at what searches are trending on LTK and choose products from those highly-searched categories. You can see what others are linking as well at

Feature Products You Actually Use to Make Money on LiketoKnowit

Shoppers are more likely to spend money on things they feel like they’ll actually use – so when they see you sharing how you use a product, they’re more likely to buy. Look around your home and see what you already have – no need to spend extra money on new items. Here’s an idea: take a photo of your dinner table and link all of the serveware, the placemats, the centerpiece, etc… you bought everything in your home, and I bet you most of it is linkable on LTK. People are not only shopping for gifts, but they’re shopping for holiday parties and more so take advantage by linking every single little detail to make money on liketoknowit this holiday season. Remember that you need to be posting consistently on LTK, so get creative with your post ideas!

The holiday season is a great time to increase your commission and make money through affiliate marketing. Think about your target market. Not sure who that is? Learn more about finding your target market in this post. Some brands offer increased commissions during the holidays – make sure you’re always checking the retailer list so you’re up-to-date on sales and commission changes. Still need an invite to LikeToKnowIt/LTK? I’m happy to refer you – send me an email at

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