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Affiliate Marketing with LiketoKnowit: Setup For Success in 4 Easy Steps

Making money through affiliate marketing on LTK isn’t just as simple as posting products you like and hoping people will buy. But the great thing is that you have that helping hand of the audience LiketoKnowit has already built. So let’s get you set up for success! There are actions you can take to optimize your virtual store and increase your following and overall conversion rate. Take these 4 easy elements and run with them!

Here’s the checklist for your LTK shop:

Take Advantage of Keywords

If you’re not using keywords in your affiliate marketing on LiketoKnowit specifically, you might as well be speaking to an empty room. Keywords are how shoppers discover you! Just like using keywords in a blog post, you need to fill your LTK posts with researched keywords. Remember, the more specific you are, the better. When someone going into the app & they’re looking for cute workout clothes, ask yourself “what words would they type in?” Use those words. You can also use multiple keywords – some creators even use only keywords rather than writing a lengthy, descriptive caption. There is some room for experimentation here, so see what works for you.

Keep your keywords in your niche. People are searching for you; you just have to give them a way to find you. There are so many free keyword tools available online, so get researching!

Use a Content Calendar for Successful Affiliate Marketing

This piece of advice is one of the first things any content creator will tell you – because it’s helpful! While social media often involves posting last-minute updates, it’s always a great idea to start with a plan and then adapt from there. With a content calendar, you can prepare and create content in advance, saving time and reducing stress in your affiliate marketing. Plan your holiday shopping in advance and spend the season with your family – you’ll never miss another holiday again when you’re following your content calendar.

Post Consistently

Some of the most successful creators post around four times per day, and often in different categories. For example, in the morning you could post two posts about home decor, in the afternoon post your outfit of the day and in the evening, post your newest skincare obsession.

The more variety you offer your shoppers through diverse affiliate marketing, the more likely you are to make a sale. With more content, you give yourself the chance to appeal to different kinds of people and reach more shoppers in general. Have you looked at your analytics through the LTK website? Use that information to recognize what shoppers like to buy and plan future content.

Post at the Right Time

Plan your posting time strategically. Saturdays – Mondays are the best times to post on the app, and especially in the mornings. Shoppers are particularly active on these days, according to LTK. On other weekdays, the app recommends 11am, 3pm, and 7pm CST. The good news is that LTK offers in-app scheduling, so don’t worry about being on your phone at the perfect time!

If you’re not already on LTK, send me an email at and I’ll refer you. Make sure to check out my guides on growing and monetizing your LTK shop. Check out my LTK shop here!

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