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How I Grew My Instagram from 1k to 23k Followers in One Year

Picture this: I’m a stay at home mom who has a lot of business experience, but really doesn’t want to go to work in the real world. I want to stay at home with my babies, but I know that I need to be making some money not only to support my family, but also because I need that brain stimulation. I have the desire to create something that is my own. I made the decision to pursue blogging and influencing as a career. Now, I know the word “influencer” can be a 4 letter word to some people, but hear me out. We all have influence. If you are on social media at all, you have influence. If you have a voice and talk to people, you have influence. I struggled for the first couple months to grow my account and then I started getting creative and the growth started to blossom!

Are you constantly looking for a way to grow your IG following? Asking yourself “how do I grow my Instagram” and “why isn’t this working”?

Let me hit ya with something big. Revolutionary even. ⁣

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INSTAGRAM Growth takes time!

While yes there are tons of things you can do to grow, literally none of them are going to give you overnight results. Unless you get your post to go viral… but let’s face it, that is incredibly hard to achieve.

Results come from consistency. Making one post and walking away from your computer might give you a few likes, but it will not help you grow a community and a bigger following. Plain and simple. You need to build relationships with your audience and you need to get to know them. Interact with those followers because they want to feel that they are important to you.

When you see someone new following you, interact with them. Give their posts a like and a genuine comment.

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You might be asking yourself, how do I build it then, what do I have to do?

In my course I tell you all the methods, the tips, the tricks, the strategies, everything I have used to grow to 23K, have a very engaged audience and be able to work with brands while getting paid. I can teach you everything you need to know, but if you’re missing one key thing, none of my tips will work. And that is consistency.

When it comes to influencing and building a brand, if you do not have consistency, it will not work long term. Let me teach you exactly what you need to be doing so you don’t spin your wheels, not knowing if your efforts are working or not!

The strategy behind instagram growth

Interact with others. Consistently. I don’t mean interact with just anyone at any time. Let’s be strategic about it.

  1. Interact 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after you post.

  2. Interact with your ideal audience. If you’re an influencer, do NOT focus on other bloggers. This may get your numbers up, but your influence won’t be as valuable if you’re just influencing other influencers.

  3. Find out where your ideal audience is hanging out and go there. Just think about it. If I wanted to meet more mom friends, I probably wouldn’t go hang out at a bar somewhere, I would be going to story time and kids events. Your influence is just like that! You want to make more friends who are your ideal client. You want to focus on where that person is hanging out and be there!

  4. Growth for location specific businesses: Go into your location on Instagram and interact on the posts under that location. If you’re looking for a local audience specific, your goals will be much different than a blogger’s goals. The location of your audience is even more important than the number. Keep that in mind as you’re seeking growth. You want growth, but what you really need is targeted growth.

I know it may sound like a lot, but if you truly want to grow your influence and get paid, it’s worth it. The hard work you put in every single day when no one is looking – that’s what’s going to pay off.

Are you constantly asking these growth questions?

🗣“What’s your method?” ⁣

🗣“How do I grow?” ⁣

🗣“Why can’t I seem to get any new followers?” ⁣

Let me help you monetize your voice by teaching you all of my methods. If you feel like there couldn’t possibly be something left to teach after this in-depth article, you’re wrong! There is so much more to teach! Implement some of these strategies that I mentioned and watch your following start to grow like crazy. Be aware that each follower is an individual person. A person who may purchase something from you! So don’t scoff when you only gain 10 followers in a week. Think about the product you sell or what you want to do with your influence and you’ll start to realize that every single one of those 10 people is extremely important.

If you feel like you need help monetizing your voice, niching down, I’m here to help. Reach out to me by email or DM on Instagram: or

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Instagram Growth for Newbie Bloggers and Influencers.jpeg