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The Importance of Knowing Your Target Market


As I’m sitting here on the couch with my daughter while baby boy sleeps, I was just hit with the thought that so many influencers are probably so confused about a lot of things. And if I have the info, why am I not sharing it?

One of the first things that I see a lot of confusion around is target market and what kind of content you should be sharing to hit your target market’s pain points. This is going to help you gain massive following a lot quicker than just posting aimlessly. You can create content that they actually want to see, please them , solve something for them, and keep them coming back for more. There are a lot of buzz words in there, so let’s break it down.

Target Market:

These are your followers, the people you want to follow you and the people you’re “selling to” or creating for. If you think influencing is just about sharing what you love, you’re partially right. But you’re also partially wrong. Because influencing is about selling! Stick with me here because a lot of you totally just said “um yuck no thanks”. Ok so I don’t mean you’re actively selling, but you are “selling” your content to them and if you don’t know who “they” are, then you don’t even know what kind of content to create in the first place. You want them to NEED to “buy” what you’re “selling”. Did I lose you there? Let’s keep going.

Pain Points:

Your target audience’s pain points are the things in their life that they need filled. A pain point can be anything from a need to organize their medicine cabinet to a need to have quick access to affordable outfits to a need to be encouraged on a daily basis. Knowing your ideal followers pain points is what will bring them to you.

Target Follower:

This is pretty self explanatory. This is the person that we’re going to create all of our content toward. With each piece of content you write, ask yourself if it is valuable to your ideal follower or if it’s not something they would click on. Is is something they would stop everything they’re doing or save to come back to read?

I’m creating a complimentary worksheet that you can fill out that will help you figure out your target audience and really pinpoint that ideal follower, so keep an eye out here for that!

It helps to pinpoint one person. While your target audience will vary a little from follower to follower, knowing exactly the single person you’re targeting will help you write in a conversational way in which you’re speaking to that person and solving their problems directly.

If all of that sounded like way too much and like how can you possibly target one person, I promise it’s not. But believe me you are not alone in feeling that way. When I first determined my target follower, it was a lot of work, but my audience has been steadily growing since then and the quality of followers I am getting is so much higher than it was before!

We’ve got this!

xo Kait