You May Be A Breastfeeding Mom If…


Sometimes finding the humor in things is the only way you’ll make it through. Honestly, when we had our first baby, we thought things would always be that way. She would always be crying, she would always sleep poorly, etc. This time around, it’s actually been easier because we know things won’t always be this way. We know how fun babies and kids are. And we know that he won’t always sleep poorly, I won’t always have to nurse him in the middle of the night, all the things. But for now, we are tired and we are finding the humor to get us through. I hope you enjoy!



1) You’ve forgotten breast pads while traveling and used your kids tiny clothes in your bra instead of going out to buy nursing pads

2) You’ve fallen asleep while nursing in the middle of the night.

3) You’ve brought baby into the bed with you to nurse instead of getting out of bed to nurse.

4) You’ve slept with a boob out for months on end.

5) You’ve woken up in a puddle of your own breastmilk.

6) You’ve walked around some public place with breastmilk all over your shirt 

7) You’ve tried to ninja whip it out to inconspicuously nurse your little somewhere 

8) You’ve hoped more than 50 times that your “girls” will go back to their original glory after nursing.

9) You’re unprepared when your letdown is so strong and baby ends up covered in milk.

10) You’ve snuck the boob out of baby’s mouth to keep him/her asleep

11) You’ve ordered and eaten two full meals while out to eat – that appetite is crazy!

12) You’ve wished that JUST ONCE your husband could wake up with the baby in the night.

13) Having your “girls” out around the house is a normal thing

14) You’ve chosen your clothing for the day solely based on how easily you can nurse in it 

15) You’ve leaked through your bra and shirt at the dinner table while out on your first “date night” post baby 

16) You’ve been pooped all over while nursing because the sucking motion invokes baby poop (obviously)

17) You’ve nursed in any position possible to get your baby to eat (for us, it was standing and bouncing…while nursing)


I absolutely love that I am able to nurse my babies and I feel so close and connected to them. The feeling of providing them with life from your own body is insane. But please understand that I am in no way shaming anyone who doesn’t breastfeed their child. This is just a funny list of things I’ve experienced that I KNOW some of you mamas are experiencing too.